Tuesday, September 14, 2010

To a friend

When you are lost,
   the hardest part is knowing when
   to walk and when to wait where you are.
   wherever that is.
Because someone might be looking for you,
   and if you are gone when they come,
   how will you ever be found?

But when you are lost
   from God, and He knows right where you are,
   but isn't looking,
   Do you turn your back on Him?
When you decide He's never coming,
   how will you ever find yourself?
Walking out on the universe
   to a life full of very little,
   you wont be able to hear His voice
   When he comes calling for you.
Your pain and loss will drown it out
   with the sound of fingernails scraping
   against . . . nothing

Oct 15, 2009

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