Thursday, September 23, 2010


I'm just going to go out tonight
  for some fun.
You simply haven't the slightest right
  To demand more of me.
No, I refuse to listen to you
If I catch you around, you know what I'll do?
  Use your imagination.
What's that to me? It's his affair--
  lack of preparation.
I tell you it's her fault and I don't care
  I'll do what I want.
Give that back, It's mine you know.
  Don't mock me with taunts.
I hate you.
   *   *   *  
Yes, I know this city, this country is wrong,
  going down the tubes.
It's all these people--they don't belong.
  They're dragging us down.
Of course I can't fix it! What could I do?
  It's their town.
You say that I could, I can find goodness and truth?
  Where do I start?
With myself? But it's not me! I'm just fine.
  Examine my heart?
What good will that do when the fault isn't mine?
  You promise me?
You've done it yourself. You found the light.
  Now you can see.
Well, I suppose it might work, you could maybe be right.
  What must I do?
   *   *   *  
I'll tell all I meet. It's more
  than I wished.
Thank God for Jonahs
  and great fish.

Fall, 2009

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