Sunday, September 12, 2010

She, Too, Beside Me

It took me longer than it should have
to propose to you,
because there were two decisions
wrapped together in that ring,
tighter than twisting.
The first one I made long ago:
I always wanted to marry you,
the you I know so well.
But to trust, honor, and obey,
to “I do” in every way,
I knew I’d need to love
the you I don’t know.

you will be different, someone new,
and I promise you,
I will love her in health and sickness.
And the woman she becomes,
I will protect her in joy and sorrow.
And I will cherish the mother who comes after her,
through better and worse.
I give myself to all of them,

all of you.

Each morning the eyes I see
are new.
They have laughed more.
Each evening the hands I hold
are new.
They have sung more.
And each day the heart I love
is new.
It has danced more.

I want you beside me today,
and I swear to love
all of you

Nov 14, 2008

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