Sunday, September 12, 2010

Extended Metaphor

Life is a box of chocolates:
You open it and never know what you're gonna get.

There is some sort of code in the swirls and stripes of drizzled chocolate, that ought to tell you what each piece is before you bite it. But you are so eager to taste it that you pop it into your mouth without taking time to remember the shape, the pattern, the texture. So then it's delicious - or sometimes not - and hardly ever what you expected.
The next is the same.

Sometimes you have a bad experience with mocha or burnt toffee, so you spit it out and grimace at the flavor stuck to your teeth, and you try to remember for next time. But when next time comes and you know you want to avoid the icky ones, you stare at them for a while trying to puzzle out the meaning behind the swirls and stripes. You struggle to recall the last mistake, wondering what it was you did wrong last time.

Usually you're lucky enough to get truffle or orange, mint or vanilla cream. But even when they taste good you sit there and puzzle about the center, wondering what on earth nougat is made of.

Spring, 2009

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