Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Someone's Fez

This was inspired by The Love-Hat Relationship by Aaron Belz.

I think you can tell a lot about a person
  by looking at their fez.
Some have a trustworthy fez,
  while other people's fez will lie to you.
Some are brim-full of happiness,
  and that is the sort of fez you should look for
  if you are ever arriving after dark
  in an unknown country.
Avoid someone whose fez looks like it might conceal
  a weapon,
  a sinister motive,
  or unwashed hair.
Some people wear a poker fez in which
  they hide aces and straight flushes.
  Learn to spot the cards hidden in the brim.
But do not be too quick to judge
  if their fez is dirty or a bit misshapen,
  the tassel out of place or the felt balding.
You can learn a lot about someone from their fez,
  but it is really only for first impressions.
  To truly know someone, you must look beneath their fez.
  Find out who they really are,
  not just the sort of hat they wear.

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