Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Ocean I

Lying on a towel with sand all through my hair,
I hear children making castles they imagined once before.
The surf calls to the gulls up catching droplets in the air,
and flotsam drifting through my thoughts and cluttering the shore
floats my thoughts into the distant summer afternoon.
Sunlight warms my fingertips into an easy soar
that matches with the clouds above me in the blue of June.
I watch the lazy swoops and swirls of two low-flying kites
dancing 'round each other like the sun about the moon.
Crabs below with friends in tow chase shadows in delight.
Through it all dashes a dog, yellow, bright, and brave,
Barking at my wand'ring thoughts to wake and sit upright,
to see his gift: a cheerful flip-flop floating in the waves.

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