Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Windows to the Soul (National Poetry Month: Day 6)

The choice of glazing
will define a building's character.
Some box-like offices are set
with regular, rectangular, unimaginative glass
whose only purpose is to remind
that a world exists somewhere outside.
Bay windows overlooking greenery
invite a restful afternoon,
telling those without and in
to value both beauty and time to breathe.
Skylights in a vaulted ceiling say
We dine happily here.
An oriel gives promise that a princess lives within.
A dormer is economical; its hopes are more restrained.
Some buildings have huge picture windows,
or even an entire, extravagant wall of clear glass.
Others have portholes, casements, fanlights,
or a hundred other types of aperture.

Think what it says of our Architect
that we each bear, above our life-breath's door,
a transom crowned with two,
yes, two!
perfect rose windows.
Most glorious of glass, reserved for cathedrals.

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