Monday, April 4, 2011

Winding (National Poetry Month: Day 4)

Out west the roads shoot straight and true
like sunlight through the day.
The land's as smooth as evening sky,
wide as the milky way.

The roads in Georgia twist and swerve
'round hills and over bends.
You never see past that next curve,
much less your journey's end.

But what I once thought limiting-
those hundred thousand trees-
I've now seen dressed in shades of Spring,
in variegated greens!

Such wonder! when at every turn
a forest comes in view
that with each winding, weaving step
seems to be birthed anew.

A desert road is beautiful
with stunning, open space.
Its grandeur is of sunsets, stars, 
horizons to be chased.

But life is lived much closer here
with beauty all around;
a path too straight can't find the things
close by that should be found.

Were I a road in Georgia's hills
I too would twine about
to see the trees' green tapestry
link hills and streams and clouds.


  1. Chris, you are really amazing. I just sat here thinking, "wow, one a day for an entire month. I don't even have enough thoughts in my brain to create some beautiful imagery focused on one thing". How do you choose topics? Maybe it just pulses through your blood? Maybe I need to open my eyes more, and feel life a little more crisply?

  2. It's not a constant flow, for sure. Topics are tricky, and don't like to come when called. The best ones usually start as something I see that asks to be shared (like the wall of trees that inspired today's poem). More frequently I start with a word or phrase that sounds fun to me (like the first line of tomorrow's)and explore from there.
    I have to say that I'm worried about keeping this up for a month, though. Any suggestions would be very welcome!