Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Investigation (National Poetry Month: Day 28)

What happened here?
   Isn't it clear?
   He fell in love--case closed.
Fell, yes. That much is obvious.
But did he jump or was he pushed?
That's the question now.
   He left a note, that's evidence
   he jumped of his own will.
A note? Not one, but dozens. More!
Is that not odd to you?
   You think this was somehow arranged
   and that the notes are fake?
Can't be. The handwriting is his,
and witnesses attest that he
delivered them himself.
   You think perhaps he was coerced?
   That might make sense of why he wrote
   such awful poetry.
But then he might have simply lacked
the talent for such things.
   What about the woman who
   received the notes, and visits too?
   Did you question her?
She knew him well and should have seen
the signs before it happened, but
she claims to be just as surprised
as everybody else.
   Is it true that she was there
   when the fall occurred?
She was, and so for now she is
prime suspect in this case.

1 comment:

  1. Very clever! One of my faves. I would like to hear more about this prime suspect.