Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Fate of the Gringet

When swingle-soft the orlep dropped
in quel so lim and lawny
that every silthered wendrup spurled
into its chuv-warmed krommy,

that very eve, 'twixt nilfumtode
and bright Algrinna's dunning,
through orlep quel on feet bilel
five crubaden came running.

Their pindet toes with bluc below
spun fast and well apliffer.
No feathered axalema could
have stommed the groam-light swifter.

Gripped tight in her dungroothsome spurs
the lanxest crub held crimbley
a Gringet, braksafed in a skell
that blummed and glowed but dimly.

Bedeft the shuddling trees she raced,
yet in the dark behind her
a stravent jeening pierced the night
and shingered stones beside her.

A harbint-shadowed hulvakon
in furage gave them chase,
and now beneath the Yomin Falls
they saw its bulgoed face.

Three crubaden turned to this foe,
while two yet vattered on,
bearing the Gringet closer to
the great Valuminon.

When wetly gluddering tunches stilled
and skeens ceased echoing,
a wounded crub belumbered slow
and lozie from the stream.

'Tis said that with quellerience
he trojeled 'til he found,
beneath six days of orlep fall,
a skell upon the ground.

Crushed into filuvent dust,
its blum and glow long spent,
a single skine alone remained--
a tragic recompense.

Of crubaden there was no sign
but that the skine was thrust
beneath a sheltering beleg-root
grown o'er with nilomust.

He pulled it free with shullent arms,
and seven tearful eyes
saw that the broken skell was shaped
like blaive before moonrise.

Then swingle-soft the orlep dropped
in quel so lim and lawny
that every silthered wendrup spurled
into its chuv-warmed krommy.

As I'm sure you've guessed, this tale is written in the spirit of Lewis Carroll's masterpiece Jabberwocky, but with what I feel is a touch of Tolkein.


  1. The words sound really great. It has a beautiful tone.
    But I am a bit confused: I think it has a few too many invented words and not enough English for us to be able to build a mental picture.
    We like the end better--from about 'Tis said..., to the end. That has some very cool imagery.
    Nicely done! Great creativity. We can hear the Tolkien and Carroll.
    -Love, Sarah and Robert

  2. Hey, we just had to type in one of those encrypted image passwords. Did you get all your madeup words from those things?

  3. I like the way the words sound and roll around, but I'm not sure what I should be imagining

  4. Thanks for the input! I'll revisit this one, or maybe another like it, and see if I can improve.
    No, the verification words didn't make it into the Gringet poem, but that's a really good idea for next time.

  5. My favorites: chuv-warmed krommy. that blummed and glowed but dimly. filuvent dust. Fun to read aloud!