Monday, February 14, 2011

A Love Letter

It was beautiful to talk to you tonight, 
to remember in your voice the reasons that I love you.
I told you things I didn't know I thought
until I said them,
and things I'd thought but been afraid to say.

I want to find a way to tell you, 
a way to let this truth from my heart
wander into your ears--
that you are the best, most beautiful woman in the world.

In you I've found someone who can speak to me purely,
someone with a soul brighter than starshine,
cleaner than dew.

So on this day when Valentines
are chosen, I must ask,

May I be yours?


  1. So, uh, is there a story behind this one? ;-)

  2. How could you tell? :-)
    Yes, there is a story, but it's an old one. Not a 2011 Valentine.