Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Th'eater (Poetry Month 2012: Day 9)

Buttery deliciousness, just enough salty savor
for one fluffy mouthful
to follow another.
Some splurge to toss their treat in sweetly burnt caramel,
or orange cheesy cheddar that lingers later for finger flavor.


Th'eater popcorn: in bags, in tubs,
in gloriously giant-sized proportions.
They turn down the lights and the whole room hushes.
Nothing to distract or interfere with this rite, this ritual,
this well-earned Friday night indulgence.
Free to enjoy the delectable, specially selectable
flavored or traditional, utterly unmissable
eminently edible, dazzlingly incredible

...and sometimes there's a movie.

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