Thursday, April 3, 2014

Character Keteks (Poetry Month Day 1)

A ketek is a 5-line palindrome-like poem where each word is repeated, allowing for some grammatic changes. It is original to the fantasy world of the Stormlight Archive, and these keteks each describe a character in that series. I have previously posted a posted a reverso about a different Stormlight character.

Unheard screams
own my life, 
still Truthless,
still alive, 
my own screams unheard.

Lies held close
dangerously hide
self from self,
hiding dangerous
closely held lies.

Kaladin I
Protected, trained to heal;
betrayed and wronged, overcome.
Choosing honor, by honor chosen,
overcoming wrongs and betrayal
healing to train, protect.

Kaladin II
Failing again, never protecting,
Oaths betrayed.
Renew honor,
renewing betrayed oaths,
protecting, never again failing

Brilliance without compassion
required this action today
for salvation, yet salvation
for today's action, this requires
compassion without brilliance.

1 comment:

  1. I really like these. They're thoughtful reflections of the characters' innermost thoughts and reflections, revealing their inner characters. (see what I did there?) Very nicely done.