Friday, May 4, 2012

Poetry Challenge Fail

As you may notice by looking at the previous post, the number of poems written in April was a bit shy of one-a-day. In fact, the final completion score comes in at 20/30, which is a D in most schools. Moreover, nearly a week's worth of those poems were written together on a relaxing Sunday afternoon. I didn't actually approach poetry more than half the days in Poetry Month.

While writing daily is the main spirit of the April poetry challenge, I also failed to take advantage of the opportunity to experiment with new styles and forms. My 2011 challenge month was much more successful.

I keep promising regular posts, and if I said something like that again it would be getting redundant. Know that good intentions are still persistently paving my way, and I'm hoping that pavement leads to a happier place than it does in most versions of the idiom. (If not, I guess we will have more posts like these ones.)

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