Thursday, March 17, 2011

Sham Rock

The gift o' gab, they say, will be given
to the man who kisses the cloch
that is set in the tower o' the castle na blarnan
an hour or two out of Cork.

This kiss will confer on his lips and his tongue
such a marvelous bright eloquence
that men wise and old, girls pretty and young,
will bow to his excellent sense.

Well I've been to the castle and bent o'er the wall,
kissed the rock and made my way home.
But a blush from my lass and a glare from her pa
were all I got from that blarney stone!

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

A side note related to the title, but not the poem:
Do you remember when Ms. Frizzle assigned her students to bring rocks to school? Arnold brought muddy styrofoam, and someone else brought a chunk of concrete. That dismal showing precipitated a Magic School Bus trip to the center of the earth to see what real rocks are.

It turns out that if they'd combined their forces, they might have fooled her. (Okay, nobody can trick Ms. Frizzle, but another teacher maybe.) Many decorative rocks on movie sets and in fish tanks are not rocks at all but styrofoam covered with a thin layer of concrete. Need a faux rock? A quick google search will net hundreds of how-to instructions.

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